About ONYX

ONYX is a technical company incepted and driven by strong commitment towards safe and quality delivery. We are resourced to undertake turnkey mid-sized buildings and infrastructure projects with the strength of our well experienced workforce and fully qualified staff.
ONYX is well supported by an established infrastructure team, managing and maintaining.Our team of expertise has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience on how a thoughtfully designed and finely executed workspace can help attract and retain the best talents, enhance your brand as well as substantially improve your overall business performance.


ONYX aims to be a successful enterprise trusted by all our stakeholders and contributing to social progress through business activities that emphasize value creation through high-tech solutions. We are committed to open, transparent, and reliable business practices. As we continue to grow, we will value the environment and strive to build a prosperous community, fulfilling our social responsibility and contributing as a corporate citizen with passion and pride in our work.


Our long standing record of expanding services is our strongest recommendation, as well as the best guarantee that you will not get "an ordinary job" in any of our service areas. We strongly believe in getting involved with our customers and eliminating all of their building maintenance problems.
Since service is our business, the only advertisement we have is our satisfied customers.

ONYX - Responsibility

Health and Safety:

ONYX Star understand and accept the paramount importance of health and safety of employees and all other personnel that are affected by the group’s activity. Therefore ONYX Star is determined to establish a working culture in which the positive aspects of health and safety are encouraged and developed.
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Corporate social responsibility

We understand, accept and appreciate our responsibility to the society in which we are operating and humanity in general. In this respect, we already have a policy in place, which is inclusive of:
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