• Health and Safety
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Our values/work ethics
ONYX Star understand and accept the paramount importance of health and safety of employees and all other personnel that are affected by the group’s activity. Therefore ONYX Star is determined to establish a working culture in which the positive aspects of health and safety are encouraged and developed.
In order to achieve the same, we practice a strict safety regime, inclusive of the following:

1. Providing and maintaining plant and systems of work that are safe and without risk to health.

  • Prompt use of hard hats, safety boots, hand-gloves, safety goggles and harnesses by all performing the relevant works.
  • Strictly follow the safety rules on the usage of scaffoldings, ladders, power tools, etc.
  • Always use fused plugs/sockets for power.

2. Ensuring safe use, handling, storage, and transport of articles and substances, and appropriate disposal of waste.

  • Provide and maintain adequate quantity of fire extinguishers
  • Proper allocation of storage space.
  • No-smoking in the offices/work-sites and site staff accommodation
  • Maintain general cleanliness/ hygiene in the premises.
  • Collection and disposal of waste, in a very orderly manner.

3. Provide information, training and supervision as is necessary to achieve competency in their role.

  • Use of state - of - the art tools from internationally recognized coporate organizations.
  • All Sites are assigned with a foreman and a site engineer.

    4. Ensure a safe working environment, with an appropriate level of welfare facilities.

  • Avoid fatigue by ensuring that all personnel have adequate rest, as well as recreational facilities.
  • Adequate assignment of personnel based on the size and difficulty level of the task to be carried out.

5. Adherence to all legal requirements related to its activity.

  • Qualify all site personnel with the minimum safety regulations on each zone by participating in trainings and related seminars.

6. Employees are encouraged to assist and participate in initiatives to improve their working environment and the company will ensure that training in health and safety matters is included wherever necessary.

7. Continued compliance is achieved through the use of up-to-date health and safety management systems in line with internationally accepted safety management standards. These policies will be kept up-to-date, particularly as the business changes and develops. To this end the policy and the way in which it is operated will be reviewed every year.

We understand, accept and appreciate our responsibility to the society in which we are operating and humanity in general. In this respect, we already have a policy in place, which is inclusive of:
  • Absolute transparency and clarity in all our dealings with all the stakeholders (clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and employees).
  • Zero tolerance towards corruption in any form.
  • Always abide by the laws and regulations of the land
  • Participate in charity activities, especially those sponsored by the public authorities.
  • Constantly train, motivate and remind the employees about the safety regulations, including road safety/driving manners.
  • No discrimination against race, gender, religion or nationality.
  • Equal opportunity and respect to all employees.
  • Provide and maintain the best possible work and living facilities to staff and workers
  • Refuse to deal with organizations/ persons who do not respect human rights.
  • Cause minimum damage to the environment, by sustainable business practices especially in the fit-out process.
  • Trust and personal responsibility in all dealings
  • Work relentlessly towards every client’s success
  • Match words with action, always.